Nov 28

Pros and Cons of Android Operating System

Pros and Cons of Android Operating System -

Android Operating System is the world’s most used operating system. More than 80% of smartphone users use the Android operating system. There are so many great aspects of the android operating system which will give anyone the nicest ideas about it. If you want to get the latest Android operating system then you should be familiar with all of its pros and cons. Have a look below to know about the both sides of Android below:

Pros of Android Operating System

Pros of Android Operating System -

There are so many amazing aspects of Android which will make you surely an android lover. Some of the nicest pros are given below:

  1. In android operating system you can find the nice operating system. In Android, you have a choice of using the world’s best App market Play store which is powered by Google. There you can find so many nicest applications which belong to almost all categories of the applications. Moreover, you can also sue the Amazon, GetJar, Aptoide markets in Google.
  2. There are so many companies which are offering Android operating system. Along with Android, you have the option of choosing the smartphone from a wider range of companies. You can get the smartphone of Samsung, HTC, Sony, and ONEPLUS for having the best features of Android. You can get the smartphone which you want.
  3. The Android operating system is really great as it is Google friendly. And due to being Google friendly it can give you the features like Google market, Map, Gmail, Docs, Hangouts etc. therefore you can get the services of Android as an additional service with android.

Cons of Android Operating System

Cons of Android Operating System -

But there are also some cons of the Android operating system which you should keep in mind before buying it. Find out below some cons:

  1. In IOS you are free to use any of the latest operating systems but not on android. In Android, you are limited to use the operating system as it will limit to the user for downloading the applications. You cannot download all type of applications depending on your smartphone and Android operating system.
  2. In android sometimes you may need to compromise on security due to some other resources based applications. You cannot rely on all type of resources for downloading the applications. In that regard, your device is more likely to get the viruses. If you want to protect your device then download only from the Google Android store.

These all are the pros and cons of the Android operating system. In this regard, you have to keep in mind that Android operating system has both pros and cons. But the cons are limited as compared to the pros. In that regard, you have to keep in mind that the services you can get with the android are great. This is one of the marvelous ways in that regard you will be able to get the ideas which are nicest and friendly. Therefore the Android operating system is advised to be bought for all the new users.

Nov 22

Get Latest android News with These Awesome Means

Latest android News 2017 -

If you are an android user and you are using a flagship smartphone then you must stay in touch with the latest developments of android. Also, there are changes in the android industry on daily basis and developers are continuously trying to make improvements in the android with an addition of introducing new features so that the users can get the best ever experience. Therefore if you are also an android user then you should also stay in touch with the latest Android news. Some of the best android news applications are given below:

1.    Google App

Latest android News Google App -

Along with the Google application you can stay in touch with any of the latest news that you might be waiting for. You can get latest news and marvelous new features for your smartphone with the help of Google App. This Application will allow you to know more about the features and get aware of the latest news, applications, data, and articles. Therefore you can easily get the Google App to know more about the applications and for making improvements in your device. You can make your device more suitable and to make it correct according to your own desire.

2.    Feedly

Latest android News Feedly -

If you are looking for a platform which can reveal a lot about the great aspects of the android then Feedly is great for you. From Feedly you can get the latest Android news from many sources. It is the RSS reader so that it gets data from different places and different websites. You will be able to get the data from many social media, websites, and forms and in short from every possible mean that will deliver some great information. It will give you such information which you might not be able to get from anywhere else. So it’s the best source to get android news.

3.    News Republic

Latest android News Republic -

There is a marvelous application which can give you a lot of information about the android. You can get the news which is gathered from many resources. The News Republic gives you the latest News from more than 2 thousand trustworthy resources. Get the news about latest features, release, functions and much more. Moreover, you can get the membership of this application in almost $3 per year. That is really great about it and it will definitely make you allow getting the best features and marvelous news before anyone else. You will surely like this application as it is almost free of cost.

If you want to know more about the android news then the aforementioned are the best applications to know about it. If you want to know more you can also get the news format the social media. Moreover, there are many other websites on the internet which is offering the News about the Android. It will be so great for you to follow all the resources and all the ways if you want to know about the latest Android news. But please try to follow the authentic means only for knowing about the android.

Nov 15

Features of Latest Android Operating System

Features of Latest Android Operating System

Features of Latest Android Operating System -

Android has released 15 versions till yet. The first version of Android was 1.0 and it was not specified with any specific name but that was considered as one of the great version. But now Android has released the Oreo 8.0 which is considered as one of the most attractive version. This version will give you so many great features and it has improved in terms of features and options. Some great features of the latest Android operating system are discussed here.

Picture Inside

Google Oreo is the great operating system and it gives the feature of having the multitasking. You can easily use two functions at the same time in the android. In Oreo, if you are using the Map or any other application and meanwhile you receive a call or video call so you can do that. You can do two tasks at the same time. That is why the picture inside mode will be surely liked by the people.


If you are going to use the Oreo then there will be a great feature which you will surely go to like. Maybe you don’t like it for some reasons because the feature will allow you to find a dot on the screen. You can find the dot on the applications where some new notification will come. If you will adjust the notification then it will pop up like a dot. But if you want you can disable this notification by going into the notification settings.


If you find it difficult to save the battery by using the WIFI then here in Oreo there are so many great features for you. It will automatically turn on the Wi-Fi and turn off the Wi-Fi by finding the suitability. Because when you will go home it will detect your Wi-Fi and will turn on the WIFI. And by going out of range it will connect to the cellular network.

Storage management

When you are using an android phone one most important factor is the storage issue. For that purpose, you don’t need to be tensed here in Oreo. Because the new OREO version of android will allow you to adjust the storage greatly. And you can adjust the storage according to your own choice. It will give you a push to adjust the space by offering more suitable options.

Some of the great features of the latest Android operating system are given above. There are many other features of an android operating system which you will find when you will use. Although the new version is not such consumer of battery and it will save the battery better than all other previous versions. The security level of new operating system has have been enhanced and in that version, people can find many other great aspects. The android system can make you allow to have the access the bundle of new applications in a secure atmosphere. So when you will find it difficult then you can ask for help by Google support.

Nov 13

Why App Store Android is better than other Stores?

App Store Android Better then other Store-

Thousands of smartphones are roaring in the markets and many smartphones have their own stores. There are also some alternative options and also some selected options. But when it comes to android so you can have great options. App store android is better than many other stores which are offering the applications. Some of the great applications which you will love to have on android are given below. Have a look below to find that why these applications are great:

1.    Tasker

Tasker App Store Android -

For the users of Android one nicest application is the tasker. Along with tasker, you will really enjoy and you can do so many things with this application. Although it will take time to explain what this application can do you will understand slowly. You can have many applications and many add-ons in this application and you will be able to do so many tasks with it. These all applications can enhance your experience and it can help you in organizing your tasks.

2.    4K Wallpapers

4K Wallpapers App Store Android -

If you want to make your smartphone as the best-looking smartphone then it is obvious for you to take help from Walpaperscraft4k. It is known as the amazing application which will give you so many options. You will be able to find the right wallpaper with an HD display for your smartphone easily with this application. They have a collection of some great wallpaper and also they update their library continuously. So you will surely get amazed by the wallpapers which would be given there.

3.    Textra

Textra App Store Android -

All the smartphones and all other cell phones have the texting features. But most of the people don’t like that simple interface and want to have some great features indeed. Textra is known as an amazing application that will give you the nicest options. Along with textra, you can enjoy the texting by changing the colors. You will be able to change the background color and also you can choose different fonts.

4.    Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer App Store Android -

For all the App store Android users downloading the solid explorer is really best. If you want you can get the amazing options. You will be able to access all kind of files in it and also the formats which you might not be able to access easily. You can access the archive files, FTP, SFTP which will make your smartphone great. This application comes with a free 14-day trial but you need to purchase it for the long-term usage.

All the aforementioned applications are great indeed. If you want to get some more applications you need to search for them. You will find so many amazing applications from the App store android which will make it sure that it sir really great place to get the right applications. Android covers such applications which are based on your needs and which gives you options for downloading the application from any category. A large collection of application is available on App Store Android. .

Nov 11

How Android Platform offers Flexibility?

How Android Platform offers Flexibility?

Android Platform offers Flexibility -

Android is the most used platform by the developers and users both. Many mobile operating systems are Android-based and the users of Android feel pleasure. It is delightful to use the android applications and it also gives flexibility. It is the best to place to design application if you are a developer and also it is the best system to be sued if you are a user. Because android system offers you the great flexibility in all means and you don’t have to be restricted. You can use many applications in the Android and some of them are given below:

1.    Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel Android Platform -

Here on the android platform, you can find out the Linux as well. Here you can find the application which is working on the basis of the Linux. Moreover here many of the great and flexible options will also be given for you. In short you can find out what you want without any anxiety here.

2.    Java API

Java API for Android Platform -

Android is the platform where the developers can easily access and upload their applications. Many of the android users find the versatility when it comes to the wider range. In that regard android also offers many java based features as well as applications. If you are the one who knows how to deal with java then this would be the perfect place for you.

3.    C/ C++

C/ C++ for Android Platform -

If you are an android user then you will be able to find a wider range of applications that are designed by using the C language and the C++. That is the reason that you can access to any of the application which you want. You can find a wider range and the applications based on your needs.

4.    Hardware Abstraction Layer

Hardware Abstraction Layer for Android Platform -

Many of the android based functions are based on the hardware abstraction layer. Applications like camera, Bluetooth works on this layer. So that is also marvelous and you can get the best speed with the coming applications. You will love to find the applications on this layer.

5.    Security

Security for Android Platform -

On the Android platform, the security measures are also an important concern. Almost all the android developers are providing the best level of security. And no user has to suffer some of the aspects regarding the security concerns. Therefore android is not just flexible but also it is best in terms of security.

These are the great aspects of using the android platform. Moreover, if you want you can also find some other great features on android. Because android is also an affordable device. You can compare the prices of android smartphones along with the IOS and other operating systems. Android is the best platform which gives access to its users within the minimum range and also it makes your way best. Therefore if you want to get the best of what a smartphone can give you then android is the best choice. With android, you will love to have a smartphone and the price is also not an issue for android.

Nov 10

Get the Awesome Android Applications

Get the Awesome Android Applications

Android store is based on many great applications which everyone’s love to have. Some of them are really great and some of them are of normal quality. But if you want some of the marvelous applications then it will be great for you to get some awesome Android applications. If you will download these awesome applications they will make your smartphone a great phone and you can enjoy using the android in real means. A list of that kind of applications is given below:

1.    Google Play Music

Google Play Music Android Applications -

If you are a music lover and you are looking for the best option then Google Play Music is marvelous indeed. You must download this in order to find the best spot for listening to the awesome music. If you want to get the music which is unlimited and the spot where you can also upload songs then Google play music is best indeed. Here you can upload the songs as well as it will also allow you to get the songs which you want. Not just songs but also you can get many other educations, scientific, motivational stuff from here.

2.    Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Android Applications -


One of the greatest applications for all the android application users is the Nova Launcher. When you will get the application you will also admire the great features of this application. But one notable thing is that Nova launcher has been serving to the people since years and since then they are improving their services. Moreover, if you want a launcher which can save the home setup and which can show you the application in a drawer then it is the best launcher. It can even show the applications in the form which you will love to access. It also allows you to change the theme and customize the home settings as you want.

3.    Swift Key

Swift Key Android Applications -

One of the most obvious applications which you can have for getting the best typing experience on Android is the Swiftkey. Although it is owned by the Microsoft it is known as one of the best application for the marvelous experience. If you want to get the things and want to preserve your library then Swiftkey is really awesome. You can use the same library in another smartphone if you have saved it in Swiftkey. You can even change the theme of the keypad by using the SwiftKey. Therefore it is known as one of the most obvious applications which you must download on your android.

If you want to turn your Android into the marvelous application then the aforementioned is the best choice. By these applications, you will really like the android. Android applications which you can really love are not just limited but there are a number of applications. Along with Android, you will be able to get so many nicest other options. You can even get the applications according to your choice. There will be applications according to your wish and need. In short android applications are great indeed and they covered almost all the aspects which a user needed in the modern era.

Nov 09

Cool Apps for android

Cool Apps for android

Cool Apps for android -

There are so many companies which are offering the android applications. Also, it depends on your smartphone that either the application you are going to download suits or not. In that case before downloading any application it is important that you look at the options you can get from it and the compatibility. In that regard, you must look at the description carefully. Some of the best applications which will make your passive into a cool smartphone are given here. Have a look at the cool apps for android illustrated below:

1.    Last Pass Password

Last Pass Password for android -

The last pass is an amazing application which gives you some of the best and nicest features. Along with this application, you will be able to get a great security. This application can design a password for you which is really hard to remember. You can find the higher level of security which is essential when using android. Moreover, if you want you can also get a security alternative from the LastPass. You can sue the free version and also you can purchase its membership if you want.

2.    IDM Plus

IDM Plus for android -

Internet download manager plus is a marvelous application. For all those who want to save the data from the internet this one is a perfect application. It is the best download manager as well as a browser. It means you can get the functions for browsing and download at the same place. Whatever the website you will open inside the browser it will allow you to download the video just by one click. A single click and here the download begins.

3.    All Tools

All Tools for android -

All tools are an all in one application that is here to give you the all the possible access which you want. It is equipped with at least 41 applications at once. You can access to all of them by a single click. It is equipped with a CCTV Camera, Mike, Heartrate checker, and many others. You can even make calls via Wi-Fi if you have installed this application. You can make music groups if you want. It will definitely amaze you and your mind will blow up.

4.    WPS Office

WPS Office Apps for android -

If you are a person who needs to access the MS Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet type of features then this one is perfect for you. Open the sheets, write down your documents and access to the files. Moreover, it also gives an option of using the PDF so that you can find a perfect match for your smartphone.  It will definitely turn your smartphone into your office. You can even find the camera scanner and media converter options in it. It will allow you to protect your data.

These all are some of the best applications which will allow you to grab the meat of the android. Thus all of the aforementioned applications will definitely add value to your smartphone. Get the cool apps for Android and make your way by just one click. Moreover having the android means you have a single click access to the world.

Nov 08

Best Alternatives of android Store

Best Alternatives of Android Store -

Android store is considered as the best and preferred choice for downloading any application on the android. It is powered by the Google and Google offers all of the best and supportive applications for the specified android smartphone in its Android store. But with the passage of time, you are not bounded to the Android store only and you can easily use an alternative store if you are not finding your required application on android store. Some of the best alternatives are given below:

1.         Apk Mirror

Apk Mirror Android Store -

One of the most liked and most preferred app store if you are an android user. This is the store where you can find all the upcoming applications earlier. Find those applications which are even not uploaded on the Google store yet. Because after uploading here then people move to upload them on the Google store. Moreover, for visiting the APk Mirror you need to visit their website. You cannot access them with any application but they have a website from where you can download in APK file type. APk file types best to keep as you can install it whenever you want.

2.         Amazon

Amazon App Android Store -

Another alternative for the Android store users is the Amazon store. This is also a pretty amazing store which is great and nice in its featuring. You can easily find all the applications which you want on it. And when you will download the store you just need to enter your email in order to sign in. and after singing in you can easily get the application which you want. There is application which is categorized and you can get the application which you want.

3.         Opera store

Opera store App for Android Store -

If you are using the opera store then also you can get something as additional with it. You can easily get the applications from the opera store so that you can have the nicest applications. This app store will also provide you all the applications in the categories. A user can easily find the application from the search or else he/she can get the things which you want.

4.         AppBrain

AppBrain for Android Store -

If you are an android store then it is one of the great news for you to download the app brain. You can have the nicest applications by this store. Moreover, if you want you can have the premium applications from the appbrain. Also if you want you can get the other applications from this store. It is a great place to download the paid and unpaid applications both for free.

These are some great applications which you might not be able to forget. All of these application stores are awesome and different people love to visit them. Some are also offering their website and some of them can access them by downloading. These are known to be the best alternatives for the Android store users. You need to keep in mind that whenever you are downloading any other app store other than the Google android you should look at the policies and agreement which they have mentioned.

Nov 04

Aspects of Google Android

There are hundreds and thousands of different models of cell phones are available. But one of the more interesting factors is that more than 80% of people have bought android in the last year. This amazing ratio reveals that Android has been the choice of millions of people.

Aspects of Google Android -

But what is the reason that Google Android has going to be popular day by day? There are some aspects of Android which you cannot find in the IOS. Some great factors of Android have been discussed below:

1.    Home Launches

Home Launches Google Android -

If you are a Google android user and you see that a friend of you who is using IOS can also change the home options then also you can do it. You can even change the menu of your Google android by adjusting the menu. You can install the third party launchers in order to set the launcher application on your smartphone. You will love to have it and it can easily make you aware of it.

2.    Storage

Storage Google Android -

There is another option which makes the android good for you is that you can have nice options in it. If you look at the IOS so you cannot increase the storage but here in the Google android you are free to increase it. It is up to you that how much storage you want to, in the same manner; you can increase the storage capacity.  You can adjust the storage according to your own desire. It is up to you that how much is your requirement and Google android gives you an option for it.

3.    Widget Option

Widget Option Google Android -

You can have a great option along with your can give you the nicest options which you will really enjoy such as the widget options. According to your desire, you can set the widgets. You can easily add the widgets which are necessary for you and with only one click you can access to them.

4.    Rom

If you want to change the ROM storage then in android you can do so. You can adjust the storage in Google android easily through the CyanogenMod. It is up to you that how to adjust the storage space and you can increase or decrease according to your desire. It can be decreased as you want. Also if you want you can move the applications from the cell phone to the Card. It can release more space in your smartphone.

These all are some great aspects of Google android which makes it best and a choice of millions. If you want you can adjust them according to your own choice. Moreover, if you want you can also have more options and flexibility in your android which is not possible in IOS. Google Android is the top-selling brand due to all of these reasons. Also, you can use the Bluetooth option with any other smartphone which is not possible in IOS. Google Android smartphones are not such costly as the other smartphones. Therefore it is the best choice of hundreds and thousands.

Nov 04

Must Having App Android

Must Having App Android

Must Having App Android -

Android is the most selling type of smartphone nowadays. It is the most suitable operating system and software that provide the best interface for many users. If you want to have the great experience on your android then you should look for the best app android. There are so many nicest things which will allow you to get the ease and convenience while using Android. Some of the best app androids are given below find out them to get the nicest experience on your android. Just have a look here:

1.    CamScanner

CamScanner App Android -

If you are a student or a businessman then it is one of the most obvious app androids. Because this application allows a user to get the things which they are looking for and to make the documents by capturing pictures. You can capture your documents in the manner as you scan the documents. It will be so good for you and it can add value in your usage and day to day routine. Now don’t need to wait for the scanner and make the documents with your smartphone.

2.    Financial Calculator

Financial Calculator Android App -

This application is designed to make the things easier for you. It will allow you to use all the options which you want. You can even find the financial caution, currency converter, loan calculator and many another day to day great applications in it. It is the mixture of many marvelous applications. You can live your life accordingly and you can manage all of your finance with the help of this awesome calculator.

3.    Google Drive

Google Drive Android App -


If you will get this application then it will give you multiple options. You can easily upload the data on it and also it is the most secure platform in order to save your important documents. If you want to have the great aspects then you must get this application. Google drive is the helpful tool for many students and many businessmen. It allows the users to save the data and they can access to that data whenever they want.

4.    Simple system

Simple System App Android -

If you will download simple system monitor then it will display many of the great things in front of you. It will tell you that much percent the battery, ram and processor are being used by the applications that you are using. It is the best application in order to monitor the working of your system. If you will come to know the great aspects of this application then it will be so amazing for you.

The aforementioned app android is essential applications. You should not miss a chance to get any of these applications. They will make your smartphone the real smartest device indeed. Get access to any necessary data and keep tracking the data by the applications. You can find out many other games and utilities by visiting the Google play store or Google market. From there you can find out many other applications which might be better for your smartphone.