November 2017 archive

Nov 28

Pros and Cons of Android Operating System

Pros and Cons of Android Operating System -

Android Operating System is the world’s most used operating system. More than 80% of smartphone users use the Android operating system. There are so many great aspects of the android operating system which will give anyone the nicest ideas about it. If you want to get the latest Android operating system then you should be …

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Nov 22

Get Latest android News with These Awesome Means

Latest android News 2017 -

If you are an android user and you are using a flagship smartphone then you must stay in touch with the latest developments of android. Also, there are changes in the android industry on daily basis and developers are continuously trying to make improvements in the android with an addition of introducing new features so …

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Nov 15

Features of Latest Android Operating System

Features of Latest Android Operating System -

Features of Latest Android Operating System Android has released 15 versions till yet. The first version of Android was 1.0 and it was not specified with any specific name but that was considered as one of the great version. But now Android has released the Oreo 8.0 which is considered as one of the most …

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Nov 13

Why App Store Android is better than other Stores?

App Store Android Better then other Store-

Thousands of smartphones are roaring in the markets and many smartphones have their own stores. There are also some alternative options and also some selected options. But when it comes to android so you can have great options. App store android is better than many other stores which are offering the applications. Some of the …

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Nov 11

How Android Platform offers Flexibility?

Android Platform offers Flexibility -

How Android Platform offers Flexibility? Android is the most used platform by the developers and users both. Many mobile operating systems are Android-based and the users of Android feel pleasure. It is delightful to use the android applications and it also gives flexibility. It is the best to place to design application if you are …

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Nov 10

Get the Awesome Android Applications

Get the Awesome Android Applications

Android store is based on many great applications which everyone’s love to have. Some of them are really great and some of them are of normal quality. But if you want some of the marvelous applications then it will be great for you to get some awesome Android applications. If you will download these awesome …

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Nov 09

Cool Apps for android

Cool Apps for android -

Cool Apps for android There are so many companies which are offering the android applications. Also, it depends on your smartphone that either the application you are going to download suits or not. In that case before downloading any application it is important that you look at the options you can get from it and …

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Nov 08

Best Alternatives of android Store

Best Alternatives of Android Store -

Android store is considered as the best and preferred choice for downloading any application on the android. It is powered by the Google and Google offers all of the best and supportive applications for the specified android smartphone in its Android store. But with the passage of time, you are not bounded to the Android …

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Nov 04

Aspects of Google Android

Aspects of Google Android -

There are hundreds and thousands of different models of cell phones are available. But one of the more interesting factors is that more than 80% of people have bought android in the last year. This amazing ratio reveals that Android has been the choice of millions of people. But what is the reason that Google …

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Nov 04

Must Having App Android

Must Having App Android -

Must Having App Android Android is the most selling type of smartphone nowadays. It is the most suitable operating system and software that provide the best interface for many users. If you want to have the great experience on your android then you should look for the best app android. There are so many nicest …

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