Nov 04

Aspects of Google Android

There are hundreds and thousands of different models of cell phones are available. But one of the more interesting factors is that more than 80% of people have bought android in the last year. This amazing ratio reveals that Android has been the choice of millions of people.

Aspects of Google Android -

But what is the reason that Google Android has going to be popular day by day? There are some aspects of Android which you cannot find in the IOS. Some great factors of Android have been discussed below:

1.    Home Launches

Home Launches Google Android -

If you are a Google android user and you see that a friend of you who is using IOS can also change the home options then also you can do it. You can even change the menu of your Google android by adjusting the menu. You can install the third party launchers in order to set the launcher application on your smartphone. You will love to have it and it can easily make you aware of it.

2.    Storage

Storage Google Android -

There is another option which makes the android good for you is that you can have nice options in it. If you look at the IOS so you cannot increase the storage but here in the Google android you are free to increase it. It is up to you that how much storage you want to, in the same manner; you can increase the storage capacity.  You can adjust the storage according to your own desire. It is up to you that how much is your requirement and Google android gives you an option for it.

3.    Widget Option

Widget Option Google Android -

You can have a great option along with your can give you the nicest options which you will really enjoy such as the widget options. According to your desire, you can set the widgets. You can easily add the widgets which are necessary for you and with only one click you can access to them.

4.    Rom

If you want to change the ROM storage then in android you can do so. You can adjust the storage in Google android easily through the CyanogenMod. It is up to you that how to adjust the storage space and you can increase or decrease according to your desire. It can be decreased as you want. Also if you want you can move the applications from the cell phone to the Card. It can release more space in your smartphone.

These all are some great aspects of Google android which makes it best and a choice of millions. If you want you can adjust them according to your own choice. Moreover, if you want you can also have more options and flexibility in your android which is not possible in IOS. Google Android is the top-selling brand due to all of these reasons. Also, you can use the Bluetooth option with any other smartphone which is not possible in IOS. Google Android smartphones are not such costly as the other smartphones. Therefore it is the best choice of hundreds and thousands.

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