Nov 11

How Android Platform offers Flexibility?

How Android Platform offers Flexibility?

Android Platform offers Flexibility -

Android is the most used platform by the developers and users both. Many mobile operating systems are Android-based and the users of Android feel pleasure. It is delightful to use the android applications and it also gives flexibility. It is the best to place to design application if you are a developer and also it is the best system to be sued if you are a user. Because android system offers you the great flexibility in all means and you don’t have to be restricted. You can use many applications in the Android and some of them are given below:

1.    Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel Android Platform -

Here on the android platform, you can find out the Linux as well. Here you can find the application which is working on the basis of the Linux. Moreover here many of the great and flexible options will also be given for you. In short you can find out what you want without any anxiety here.

2.    Java API

Java API for Android Platform -

Android is the platform where the developers can easily access and upload their applications. Many of the android users find the versatility when it comes to the wider range. In that regard android also offers many java based features as well as applications. If you are the one who knows how to deal with java then this would be the perfect place for you.

3.    C/ C++

C/ C++ for Android Platform -

If you are an android user then you will be able to find a wider range of applications that are designed by using the C language and the C++. That is the reason that you can access to any of the application which you want. You can find a wider range and the applications based on your needs.

4.    Hardware Abstraction Layer

Hardware Abstraction Layer for Android Platform -

Many of the android based functions are based on the hardware abstraction layer. Applications like camera, Bluetooth works on this layer. So that is also marvelous and you can get the best speed with the coming applications. You will love to find the applications on this layer.

5.    Security

Security for Android Platform -

On the Android platform, the security measures are also an important concern. Almost all the android developers are providing the best level of security. And no user has to suffer some of the aspects regarding the security concerns. Therefore android is not just flexible but also it is best in terms of security.

These are the great aspects of using the android platform. Moreover, if you want you can also find some other great features on android. Because android is also an affordable device. You can compare the prices of android smartphones along with the IOS and other operating systems. Android is the best platform which gives access to its users within the minimum range and also it makes your way best. Therefore if you want to get the best of what a smartphone can give you then android is the best choice. With android, you will love to have a smartphone and the price is also not an issue for android.

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