Nov 13

Why App Store Android is better than other Stores?

App Store Android Better then other Store-

Thousands of smartphones are roaring in the markets and many smartphones have their own stores. There are also some alternative options and also some selected options. But when it comes to android so you can have great options. App store android is better than many other stores which are offering the applications. Some of the great applications which you will love to have on android are given below. Have a look below to find that why these applications are great:

1.    Tasker

Tasker App Store Android -

For the users of Android one nicest application is the tasker. Along with tasker, you will really enjoy and you can do so many things with this application. Although it will take time to explain what this application can do you will understand slowly. You can have many applications and many add-ons in this application and you will be able to do so many tasks with it. These all applications can enhance your experience and it can help you in organizing your tasks.

2.    4K Wallpapers

4K Wallpapers App Store Android -

If you want to make your smartphone as the best-looking smartphone then it is obvious for you to take help from Walpaperscraft4k. It is known as the amazing application which will give you so many options. You will be able to find the right wallpaper with an HD display for your smartphone easily with this application. They have a collection of some great wallpaper and also they update their library continuously. So you will surely get amazed by the wallpapers which would be given there.

3.    Textra

Textra App Store Android -

All the smartphones and all other cell phones have the texting features. But most of the people don’t like that simple interface and want to have some great features indeed. Textra is known as an amazing application that will give you the nicest options. Along with textra, you can enjoy the texting by changing the colors. You will be able to change the background color and also you can choose different fonts.

4.    Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer App Store Android -

For all the App store Android users downloading the solid explorer is really best. If you want you can get the amazing options. You will be able to access all kind of files in it and also the formats which you might not be able to access easily. You can access the archive files, FTP, SFTP which will make your smartphone great. This application comes with a free 14-day trial but you need to purchase it for the long-term usage.

All the aforementioned applications are great indeed. If you want to get some more applications you need to search for them. You will find so many amazing applications from the App store android which will make it sure that it sir really great place to get the right applications. Android covers such applications which are based on your needs and which gives you options for downloading the application from any category. A large collection of application is available on App Store Android. .

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