Nov 28

Pros and Cons of Android Operating System

Pros and Cons of Android Operating System -

Android Operating System is the world’s most used operating system. More than 80% of smartphone users use the Android operating system. There are so many great aspects of the android operating system which will give anyone the nicest ideas about it. If you want to get the latest Android operating system then you should be familiar with all of its pros and cons. Have a look below to know about the both sides of Android below:

Pros of Android Operating System

Pros of Android Operating System -

There are so many amazing aspects of Android which will make you surely an android lover. Some of the nicest pros are given below:

  1. In android operating system you can find the nice operating system. In Android, you have a choice of using the world’s best App market Play store which is powered by Google. There you can find so many nicest applications which belong to almost all categories of the applications. Moreover, you can also sue the Amazon, GetJar, Aptoide markets in Google.
  2. There are so many companies which are offering Android operating system. Along with Android, you have the option of choosing the smartphone from a wider range of companies. You can get the smartphone of Samsung, HTC, Sony, and ONEPLUS for having the best features of Android. You can get the smartphone which you want.
  3. The Android operating system is really great as it is Google friendly. And due to being Google friendly it can give you the features like Google market, Map, Gmail, Docs, Hangouts etc. therefore you can get the services of Android as an additional service with android.

Cons of Android Operating System

Cons of Android Operating System -

But there are also some cons of the Android operating system which you should keep in mind before buying it. Find out below some cons:

  1. In IOS you are free to use any of the latest operating systems but not on android. In Android, you are limited to use the operating system as it will limit to the user for downloading the applications. You cannot download all type of applications depending on your smartphone and Android operating system.
  2. In android sometimes you may need to compromise on security due to some other resources based applications. You cannot rely on all type of resources for downloading the applications. In that regard, your device is more likely to get the viruses. If you want to protect your device then download only from the Google Android store.

These all are the pros and cons of the Android operating system. In this regard, you have to keep in mind that Android operating system has both pros and cons. But the cons are limited as compared to the pros. In that regard, you have to keep in mind that the services you can get with the android are great. This is one of the marvelous ways in that regard you will be able to get the ideas which are nicest and friendly. Therefore the Android operating system is advised to be bought for all the new users.

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